Preparation for 2021 season on Varzina is finished. Tomorrow first full group of guests arrives to Cliffhanger.
Water in the river is going down rather quickly at the moment. However, water level is still rather comfortable for fishing. There's almost no snow and rather warm. There's no need in fast sink tips in most places already, slow sink tip is enough. Water temperature in Varzina at Finnpool is +7C, under Pakhta +9C.
River testing showed presence of fresh fish in the river already in May. First 6 kilo salmon was caught on Hourglass pool on the 29th of May. And other following main events actually took place at the same pool. First trophy male salmon(105cm in lenth, 13,4kg) of this season was landed on the 3rd of June. And already in 3 days, on the 6th of June, the head guide managed to land real rarity, which turned the scale to 17,6kg and pocket tape to 117cm. On his 24th season at Varzina he finally placed himself on the record. Such samples are not caught every season. Last time such a fish was landed by the same guide 10 years ago, in 2011.
On the 7th June first fresh salmon was caught on Finnpool, and 8kg salmon landed by Rinat on the following day inspired us with confidence that silver there was not alone.
As a result during this period of time 6 fresh salmon and 2 autumn run salmon were caught by almost 1 and a half rod. Avarage weight of fresh fish was 10kg. Looking forward to meet the first group of guests. The number of fish could hardly decrease by their arrival.

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