We recommend you to take only proven, reliable gear. We can assure you that there hasn’t been a week on Varzina without someone regretting the loss of the trophy, caused by the lousy hook or broken line or knot on it. What else can fresh salmon do to your gear? The fight against it will take place in very difficult conditions for the fishermen. Fast and rapid Varzina will not allow you to easily land a large salmon, which, besides its strength and endurance, will surprise you with its beautiful conditions.


The majority of fishermen consider that the use of double-handed rod on the Varzina river gives you a clear benefit in challenging situations, especially at the beginning of the season with regard to strong winds, high water, and heavy flies. You may take a single-handed salmon rod to Varzina only if you are 100% sure in your skills and are self-reliant.

For the beginning of the season (June): double-handed rod 14'-16' #9-10-11 From early July till mid-July, double-handed rods 13'-14' #8-9-10.  If you prefer single-handed rods, you may try to fish with one not less than #8-9 in weight and 9' in length. At this time, there're some good spots on the Penka river where you can use such rods. You can also use such rods on the Drozdovka river during the "Three Rivers" program.


Any reliable reel, balancing the rod with closed disc breaker and 150m of backing with 30lb breaking load, is acceptable.


At the beginning of the season (June) short lines with shifted tips of different sinking degree will work great. Or you might consider traditional shooting heads, floating with a sinking tip or intermediate. The big choice of shifted tips can usually solve all problems while fishing on the Varzina river at this time. During loods river never becomes muddy and pools very deep. The only problem could be in much increasing stream of the river.

In July, you can start using fully floating shooting heads or spey lines with long bodies. During high water periods, you may need an intermediate tip.

Monofil or  fluorocarbon. Breaking force  25lbs - 50lbs. Recommended cut for other composite leaders is   0,5 and 0,45mm. During low and warm water the diameter should be smaller, but not thinner than 0,35mm
Flies are available at the lodge, but it's always better to have your own set of flies. The best ones for June and July are: Sunray Shaddow, Willy Gun, Collie Dog, Snaelda of big and middle sizes and on bodies of different weights, and, of course, Golden Killer on golden hook. The main requirement to the flies is that they must be tied in a poor way. The most popular colors for salmon in the river are black, yellow, green, and their combinations.

One pair of Gore-Tex waders. 
One pair of wading boots with felt bottom and studs.
Wading stick. 
Polarized glasses. 
Gore-Tex or similar wading jacket (the windblocker).

Thermal underwear: light and warm. 
Thermal underwear Polartec 100

Warm jacket Polartec 200-300 or the windblocker.
Photo camera. 
Cap and warm hat, bandana could be nice 
Mosquito-repellent spray or net, especially for those who is allergic to bloodsucking insects

Fishing season at Varzina River Club runs from early June through mid-July. For more detailed information about dates and booking procedure click HERE.