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General info

Varzina flows in a completely deserted area, outside of any human settlements and any roads. The Trout Camp is only accessible by helicopter. It is situated in the upper course of the river, about 5km from its source from Enozero. The Camp has rather favourable location, as it stays in the middle of the fishing beat and is hidden from tundra winds by the hills, from which you can observe the picturesque views of tundra and the river.  There are trails up and down the river that makes it convenient to get to the fishing pools. Thanks to the location of the Camp in the center of the fishing area, anglers will be able to fish all fishing spots accessible on foot within a week. There is no poaching on the river, as well as any other anthropogenic impact. You will only share water in the pools with your fishing partner.


The Camp is aimed at wild brown trout fishing in summer. All three forms of trout are represented in the river (sea and lake trout, as well as the resident form). Trout is consistently caught in the river starting from the 20th of June, when the river returns to the riverbed after the spring flood. Record trout samples reach a recorded size of 78cm, however, larger specimens are possible. June-July is predominantly dry fly fishing, although trout can attack other baits too. From the end of July to September, the nymph and streamer have the advantage. From the 15th of July, small numbers of salmon rise to the areas of the trout camp, which is a pleasant bonus for fishermen in their catches.


Please note that the hiking program at the Varzina Trout Camp involves rotating pools throughout the week. And some of them are located five to seven kilometers from the Camp over rough terrain. We ask you to consider your physical conditions, when planning your fishing trip to Varzina.


By agreement, it is possible to get to the pools by small helicopter for extra cost at the Camp.