Fishing report from Drozdovka river, 03-10.07.2022 week.
The beginning of the week was very promising. Three fishermen on the river. Comfortable water level and weather conditions. The first day of fishing  was productive: 6 salmon by 3 guests. The day was rather eventful: a lot of bites and losses. Next day was also eventful: 5 salmon per angler. One salmon was over 1 meter, another a bit smaller. Good salmon activity, lots of attacks on fly, regrettable escapes. What alerted is that only upper pools were productive. On lower pools, even when activity was not bad, the results didn’t inspire.
In the middle of the week weather changed drastically. It became cold and rainy. Coming back from fishing guests didn’t boast about trophies, but awkwardly shrugged. Thus salmon attacked flies aggressively, but alas. By the end of the week, two nice salmon were parked. Guests finally found the approach, but the trip came to its end. New fishermen brings new approaches. As a result, 3 guests caught 13 salmon, the biggest was 103cm. in length. Let’s see, how it turns out.

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