Fishing report from Varzina Cliffhanger Lodge, 11.07-18.07.2021
At the end of this week, when we reviewed the results, it became clear, that there’s fish in the river after all. 5 guests caught 57 Atlantic salmon. It was mainly grilse - 42 samples. The rest were so called “mezhen”. The record fish, 106cm male salmon, was landed by our guest from Belarus. He was mercilessly complemented and rewarded with our “Varzina 30lbs” pin. One should mention that, as on all rivers of Kola peninsula, there were a lot of pink salmon in our river. It attacked guests’ flies rather aggressively and egged them on striking. Water temperature was rather stable, around +16C, the same as weather, which was rather quiet and pleased us with rains from time to time. So, we are waiting from new results of the next week. Fresh fish keeps entering the river.

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