This season, the first landing on Varzina happened on May 22. Quite early, as well as spring on Kola. A big contrast to last year, when snow removal continued not one day. Now the shovels are bored in the shed, having no chance to be used until next winter. There is very little snow left even in the hollows, although some lakes in tundra are still
covered with ice. The level in the river is high, but not extreme. Fishing is possible and quite comfortable.
Most likely this is the peak of the flood, because there is nowhere to take water from. Yesterday was + 25C in the shade. Birch leaves are bursting forth right before our eyes. Moreover, there have already been the first victims among mosquitoes. Under Pakhta the water temperature is already + 7C, which is rather high for the end of May. It was quite amazing to start the season in a shirt and one thermal underwear under waders. Kelts bites regularly and look like silver, so they are already ready to migrate back to the sea. Fresh salmon has not been seen yet, although the seal was chasing some fish at high tide on Home pool. So we are waiting for the first real silver. It feels like it's here!

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