Fishing report from Sidorovka river, 20.06.21-27.06.21 week
On the second week of the season we welcomed a group of fishermen from Russia.
At the beginning of the season weather was rather stable, air temperature varied from +9C till +18C, what is considered to be normal for this time of the season. Water temperature was +12C and had summer level. From the beginning fishing was quite productive throughout the whole river. There were a lot of big ones caught. As a result, a group of 6 fishermen landed 49 salmon. 3 of them were over one meter: 107cm, 102cm and 110cm. And 11 salmon of 8-10kg. The biggest salmon of 110cm was caught on Home pool. It was a great week! And we are looking forward to meet a new group of guests and hope that they will have another outstanding week at Sidorovka Paradise Camp.

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