We arrived to Varzina on the 26th of May. There were still enough snow. Lakes were covered with ice. When we arrived, water level was rather low, as in summer. On the 28th of May, it was rather warm and water level increased by 30cm. Water is ice-cold, melting snow, water temperature in Pakhta is +1C. However, fish already entered the river. There’s nothing yet to boast of, but its presence is rather obvious. One giant escaped on Hourglass pool in lower rapids. Another one has been observed on the same place today. It appeared on the surface for a couple of times. And surprisingly enough fresh tinda was landed. It’s the first time here when tinda is caught in May. A rather strange fish, not big female salmon, but really fresh. And, of cause, kelts are present. After water raising and chilling, even they become less active.
There’s a lot of snow. The way to the pools takes twice longer than usual. However, it’s not like in 2017. Then everything were much more severe. We are going to check upper pools these days. Fish may get through to them with such a low water level.

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