Fishing report from Varzina river, Cliffhanger Lodge, 04.07-11.07.2021 week.
It’s always difficult to speak about something, that doesn’t creat a feeling of admiration from those who  hang on every word of narrator. However, we’ll try to tell the truth about the situation with fishing, twisting the knife. Everything is absolutely unclear! The prime time, great river conditions, experienced fishermen, but there’s no fish, that means at all… During this week 8 guests landed 14 Atlantic salmon, which didn’t surprise us with it’s size. Though there was one «worthfull” escape with swimming to the opposite bank and fish, valued as 30lbs.  
It’s difficult to explain what’s happening on all rivers of Kola peninsula, including our Varzina river, but it’s clear that problem is neither in weather nor fishermen. Only pink salmon didn’t hear anything about “bad run” and decided to crash into our rivers with all its uncountable population. What can one add? It’s sad… BUT a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We hope that Neptune will change this sticky situation.

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