First group of fishermen fly away from Varzina.
Fishing turned out to be rather tough. Thanks in part to extremely changeable weather, which kept spinning around and around showing its pace. From the dead calm and sun till all types of weather elements including hail. And such a strong wind from all directions that boats on the leash were flying and arbours on the pools fell backwards.
All in all we had fun, but not with fish, which wasn’t in the mood to play with us so actively. At the beginning of the week most of the pools seemed absolutely lifeless on the surface, though we definitely knew, that fresh silver has already entered them.
Nevertheless first fresh fish were caught on Long Walk and Boulders pools on the first day of the trip. Fish was also found in upper course of Penka river. It seemed that fish was everywhere, but not in big numbers. Though salmon was caught almost every day, we expected to have a bit different activity. Besides there were some positive factors, relying on which, we expected more from catchings. Water level, though going down, stayed rather comfortable for fishing during this week. By the end of the week we completely switched to floating lines. Water temperature, though grew and fell, still stayed within the norm. By the end of the week water temperature in Varzina was +11C.
Hereafter a bit of magic figures and dry statistics without window-dressing. This week we caught 2 autumn run salmon, 12 kelts and 22 fresh salmon. By the way, it seems that almost all kelts had already rolled down to the sea, though usually they stay in the river a bit longer. Nevertheless everyone caught fresh salmon. And 5 silver samples out of this not big amount were over 20lbs. Plus to this 3 guests improved their personal records in salmon catchings. The biggest fish of the week, 101cm male salmon, was caught by Alexey on Finn pool on the last day of the trip. On the same day fresh salmon was caught on the Varzina Waterfall. It means that all our best pools have fish already. After all we think, that they will continue to fill up with fresh and angry samples.

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