Fishing report from Sidorovka river 13-20.06.21 week
This season Sidorovka Paradise Camp started on the 13th of June. At the beginning of the month weather was not tipical for this time of the season. Air temperature raised up to +33C, river warmed up to +15C and had almost summer level of water. However, by the arrival of the first guests, the weather returned to normal, water cooled down and first salmon began to appear in the river. The amount of fish in the river was still not big, though fishing on lower pools was rather productive. The guests were pleased with current situation, as by the end of third day of fishing each of them had already caught his salmon. As a result, 32 nice fish, 9 of them were of 20lbs and one was 30lbs. The biggest salmon was caught be Alexey D. It was 113cm in length and 60cm around. Record fish was landed on Sunray Shadow. That was a wonderful week. And we are looking forward to meeting next group and hope that they will also have a great week at Sidorovka Paradise Camp.                                                                                                      

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