The fishing report from Varzina Cliffhanger Lodge, 10-17.07.2022 week.
July. The middle of summer. Fishing on Varzina river.   Smiling and satisfied faces of guests. What else do you need for happiness?!  Well, step by step: weather pleased us with warm days, southern thunderstorms and rains, warm water and happy and perky squeak of mosquitoes. Water level stays normal, i.e. above the usual water level for this time of the season. During this week fans of fishing for Atlantic salmon on flies parked 57 samples, among them 19 were worthy of special attention and the rest 38 were lively grilse. However, 3 salmon were of 100cm (female), 104cm (male) and 102cm (female). Anyway, it’s cool! But there’s another theme of dialogue about fishing. One can
speak about quality cast, tight loop, flight range of fly, its exterior and so on as much as he like, but what should NEVER be excluded is fishermen’s happiness, which, as you know, is brighter than the sun. This week we had a guest who has never fished for Atlantic salmon, aside from the fact that the last time he held his fly fishing rod 4 years ago. However, that didn’t stop him from catching an 89cm salmon on the first day of the fishing and… attention.. one more of one meter long! Wow, well it happens, you will say. Let’s recall “Chekhov’s gun on the wall”. However, here’s the kill shot: he breaks the top of the rod on the grilse, throws it away as useless vestige and parks 104cm salmon! I won’t say further anything about how fish straighten his hooks and generally paid special attention to this lucky man. All in all fishing is a wonderful and amazing thing!

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